About Yana

Yana is a small village in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. This village is famous for two rocks in the middle for forest. The massive rocks are known by names Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. Mohini Shikhara is 90m in height. Bhairaveshwara Shikhara is 120m heigh. There is a small cave temple below Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. The temple hosts the statue of Hindu deity Goddess Druga. The cave has limestone formations inside it. One of them is worshiped by people as a Shiv Linga. Yana is a Hindu pilgrimage place. During Mahashivrathri many people come here. Yana is sourrounded by lush forests. It is a trekkers paradise.

Places nearby Yana

Besttime for Yana

Best time to visit Yana is after the monsoon during the months of September to February. During the rains the forest will be dangerous to trek.

Food and Accomodation

Sirsi is the nearest town with options for food and lodging.

Reaching Yana

Yana is 460km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Tumkur - Sira - Hiriyur - Chitradurga - Davanagere - Karur - Halageri - Tivalli - Katrikoppa - Yekkambi - Sirsi - Yana

From Bangalore KSRTC runs direct buses to Sirsi. From Sirsi, Yana lies 40km away. Jeeps can be hired from Sirsi to reach till 500m away from the rocks. By train one can reach till Hubli. From Hubli buses are available to Sirsi.

Yana Trips


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