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Silent Valley National Park lies in Palakkad district of Kerala. Robert Wight was the first English botanist to explore this region and he noticed the absence of Cicadas in these forests. This observation led to naming the forest region as Silent Valley. The region was declared as a forest reserve in 1914 by the then Madras Government. Amidst the deep forests of Silent Valley flows the Kuntipuzha river, across which the KSEB( Kerala State Electricity Board) proposed to build a dam in 1976. This action attracted global attention to the silent forests. The move was then cancelled after the heated debate between evironmentalists and KSEB leading to the creation of Silent Valley National Park. The forests at Silent Valley hosts a rich variety of exotic faunna and flora. Lion-tailed Macaque, Niligiri Langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel and Nilgiri Tahr are some exotic animals found here. A large variety of birds and butterflies also inhabit these forests. The entry to Silent Valley national Park through road is at Sairandhiri. The Forest Department office is at Mukkali which is before Sairandhiri. To go in to the forest one needs forest permission from Mukkali forest office and a forest guard will accompany throughout the journey inside the park. Silent Valley National Park is a trekkers paradise. Peaks like Poochapara are trekkable in a day from Mukkali. Forest Department have identified trekking routes inside the park and have setup camps inside the park. For permissions for entering and trekking inside the park one have to contact Forest Department office at Mukkali ph:04924-253225 or Mannarkkad ph:04924-222056.

Places nearby Silent Valley

Besttime for Silent Valley

Best time to visit Silent Valley is during September to March.

Food and Accomodation

Forest department provides guest house at Mukkali(20km away) for which one needs to contact Department office at Mukkali or Mannarkkad. Hotels are available to Mannarkkad(65km away) and Palakkad (75km away).

Reaching Silent Valley

Silent Valley is 500km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Housur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Salem - Erode - Coimbatore - Palakkad - Mannarkkad - Silent Valley NP.

KeralaSRTC , KarnatakaSRTC and Indian Railways runs direct services Bangalore to Palakkad. From Palakkad KeralaSRTC and private buses are available to Mukkali through Mannarkkad. From Mukkali private jeeps are available to Sairandhiri. Private cabs can be hired from Palakkad.

Silent Valley Trips


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