About Shivagange

Shivagange is a tall conical hill with a series of temples on the way uphill. There is a small source of water at the top which is considered to be sacred. There are steps laid on the top with steel bars to hold on inorder to navigate the rocky terrain.

Places nearby Shivagange

Besttime for Shivagange

Visiting during Winter months of September to January is the best. Avoid rainy time as the way will be slippery and dangerous.

Food and Accomodation

Carrying packed food is essential to trek this place. Dabaspet also has some hotels available.

Reaching Shivagange

Shivagange is 60km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Dabaspet - Shivagange.

Till Dabaspet one can easily reach in KSRTC buses going to Tumkur from Platform no:16 of Majestic bus stand. From Dabaspet its only 8km for which autos are available.

Shivagange Trips


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