About Sakaleshpur / Sakaleshpura

Sakaleshpura is a small town located in Hassan district of Karnataka. Sakaleshpur is famous for Manjarabad fort , Trekking spots and coffee estates. The Manjarabad fort was built by Tipu Sultan. The fort offers view of the adjoining hills and plains. The fort looks like an 8-pointed star from above. The fort has rooms to store food grains and weapons. The fort is 4km away from Sakaleshpur town on the way to Mangalore. The most challenging trek route in Sakalespur is the railway track trek from Donigal to Kukke Subramanya. The trek is 47km long and is though the railway track. The railway track was initially not operational and was open for trekking at any time. Now train services have started and one needs to be careful while trekking. The trek route is also called as Green route due to the lush green forests through which it passes. The trek route passes through more than fifty tunnels and more than ten bridges. Mountains like Jenkalbetta , Ombathugudde, Dipadikallu , Kodaikallu etc are also trekking destinations. The vast stretches of Coffee is another attraction of Sakaleshpur. The hills are all filled with Coffee. When the coffee blooms especially in November the air gets filled with its smell. Sakaleshpur often gets misty during rainy days.

Places nearby Sakaleshpur

Besttime for Sakaleshpur

Best time to visit Sakaleshpur is after the rains during August to February.

Food and Accomodation

There are lodging options in the town. Many resorts are available in the villages near the town.

Reaching Sakaleshpur

Sakaleshpur is 200km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Nelamangala - Kunigal - Channarayanapatana - Hassan - Sakaleshpura

Plenty of direct KSRTC are available from Bangalore to Sakaleshpura. IRCTC runs train from Bangalore to Mangalore which passes through Sakaleshpur. TO roam around the town private jeeps can be hired

Sakaleshpur Trips


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