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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary (PWLS) lies in Palakkad district of Kerala. PWLS is contiguous with Indira Gandhi WLS & NP. PWLS is home to elephant, panther, horn bill, bison etc. The Forest department arranges wildlife safari and guided trekking through the forests. The attractions at PWLS are Kannimara Teak, Cochin State Forest Tramway, Nature Interpretation Centre, Salim Ali Bird Interpretation Centre and Gallery, View Points, Parabikulam Dam and Thunakadavu Dam. Kannimara Teak is a very old Teak tree considered sacred by the local people. The tree is one among the oldest natural Teak tree in the world and has girth of 6m and a height of 48m. The Cochin State Forest Tramway was built by Sri Ramavarma Rajarshi in 1901 inorder to transport the teak wood from the forests to the Cochin port for export. The Cochin State Forest Tramway was demolished in 1963 and have been converted to jeep tracks by the forest department. The Nature Intrepretation centre focuses on promoting understanding of wildlife among the tourists. Salim Ali Bird Interpretation Centre and Gallery was built in honour of Dr Salim Ali a famous Ornithologist. There various view points at PWLS offering a distant mystic view of the western ghats. Parabikulam Dam and Thunakadavu Dam are the two reservoirs inside the sanctuary.

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Besttime for Parambikulam WLS

Best time to visit Parambikulam WLS is during August to February.

Food and Accomodation

The Forest Department provides accomodation facilities inside the sanctuary. For advance reservations constact Ecocare Centre, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Anappady, Palakkad - 678661. Ph:0491 2556393, email:wildlifewarden@parambikulam.org Other options are to stay at Pollachi (45km away) or Coimbatore (100km away).

Reaching Parambikulam WLS

Parambikulam WLS is 470km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Hosur - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Salem - Thiruppur - Palladam - Pollachi - Sethumadai(Check Post) - Top Slip - Parambikulam WLS.

SETC runs direct services Bangalore to Pollachi. From Pollachi TNSTC buses are available to Parambikulam WLS. Another option is to reach Coimbatore in direct SETC or KSRTC or Indian Railways services from Bangalore. From Coimbatore TNSTC buses are available to Pollachi. From Pollachi TNSTC buses are available to Parambikulam WLS. Private cabs are available at Pollachi. The Tourist Department donot allow vehicles to venture in the forest road between 6:00pm to 6:30am.

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