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During the winter and rainy season leeches will be present through out the forest.It is essential therefore to carry salt or Dettol.

For trekking to Arashinagundi falls one requires Forest Department permisssion as it is inside the Mookambika Wild Life Sanctuary.Mr Rajendra ( Ph:9242892299 ) the contact person at PWD guest house at the top can help in arranging the permission.

Trek path to the peak through Arashinagundi falls is dangerous if attempted without a guide.

Please donot deposit plastic or any other non-biodegradable waste at this beautiful place.


People at Kollur can understand Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and English.Kollur is 15km away from the peak. The trek is aprroximately 14km from Karrakatte gate. The Valur Santhosh hotel at Valur is a major landmark of the route. From Karrkatte, Valur is approx 4km. From Valur its 8km to PWD rest house.From the PWD rest house the peak is 1.5km away.

Trek Route