About Halebidu

Halebidu was the capital of Hoysala kings during the 12th century. Like in Belur , the earlier capital the Hoysala king built a marvellous temple complex in Halebidu also. The temple complex has a big lake , two Hindu temples and two Jain Basadis. The Hindu temples are Hoysaleshwara temple and Kedareshwara temple. Halebidu means "ruined city ".

Places nearby Halebidu

Besttime for Halebidu

Visiting after the rains during September to May will be appropriate.

Food and Accomodation

There are only few hotels at Halibedu. Hassan city which is only 31km away is the other best option for stay. Belur can also opted for stay which is only 16km away. Some Hotels at Hassan are Hotel Hassan Ashok Ph:08172 268731-36. Hotel Southern Star Ph:08172 251816, 251817. Hotel Sri Krishna Ph:08172 263240,263241.

Reaching Halebidu

Halebidu is 210km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Kunigal - Hassan - Halebidu.

Reaching Hassan is easy in KSRTC from Bangalore. From Hassan enough number of KSRTC buses are available to Halebidu.

Halebidu Trips


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