About Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves is a series of three caves located 1000m above above sea level in the Ambukuthi mala of Wayanad district of Kerala. The caves have the rock paintings which are believed to be drawn by people from neolithic age (roughly 8000 BC). The cave paintings decipt the tribal chiefs, animals, the tribal queen etc. Edakkal in Malayalam refers to the stone in between. This name comes from the fact that these caves are actually a fissure formed in the rocks. Over this fissure another big rock have fallen forming a roof. From the caves one can also trek to the top of Ambukuthi mala. The view from the peak is fantastic. From the peak the three states of Karnataka , Kerala and Tamil Nadu can be seen. The trek path is a steep and becomes dangerous if it rains.

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Besttime for Edakkal Caves

Best time to visit Edakkal Caves is during the post monsoon months of October to February.

Food and Accomodation

Good hotels suiting any budgets are available at Kalpetta and Sulthan Bathery. Small fast food outlets are available in Ambalavayal (5km away). Many resorts are available throughout the Wayanad district.

Reaching Edakkal Caves

Edakkal Caves is 260km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Mysore - Nanjangudu - Gundelpet - Sulthan Bathery - Ambalavayal - Edakkal Caves.

KeralaSRTC and KarnatakaSRTC runs direct buses from Bangalore to Sulthan Bathery. From Sulthan Bathery both KeralaSRTC and private buses are available to Ambalavayal. From Ambalavayal the Edakkal Caves is 5km away which can be reached by autos or jeeps available in Ambalavayal town. From the vehicle parking area to the cave entry point there is concrete laid steep road. To traverese this road jeeps are available.

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