About Chelavara

Chelavara is a village in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The main attraction at Chelavara is a seasonal waterfall. Chelavara falls is also called Emepaare in Kodava Takk due to the resemblance of the rock at the falls to Tortoise. Near to the main falls one can also find other small waterfalls, orange farms and coffee farms. Chomakundu a hill lying near to Chelavara falls is a trekking destination. Chomakundu is on the border line between Kodagu district of Karnataka and Kannur district of Kerala. Chomakundu gives an excellent stunning view of the valley. There are many other mountains in the same hill range including Tadiyandamol. The hill range is also called as Kabbe hills.

Places nearby Chelavara

Besttime for Chelavara

Best time to visit to Chelavara falls is pot monsoon months from August till November. The best time to trek to Chomakundu is from August to December.

Food and Accomodation

Home stays near Kakkabe are the nearest options for food and stay. Contact numbers - Palace Estate:08272 - 238446 Coffee country:08272 - 238330 Misty Woods:08272 - 238561 Honey Valley:08272 - 238339. Alternate options are at Madikeri and Virajpete.

Reaching Chelavara

Chelavara is 260km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Mysore - Hunsur - Gonikoppal - Virajpet - Kadanga - Cheyyandane - Chelavara

Route 2: Bangalore - Mysore - Hunsur - Periyapatana - Siddapura - Napoklu - Kakkabe - Cheyyandane - Chelavara

Route 1 is longer than Route 2. One can easily reach Virajpet in KSRTC bus from Bangalore.From Virajpet there are enough number of private buses to Kakkabe which go through Cheyyandane. There is no need of any Forest pass or guide for trekking to Chomakundu. Be prepared to encounter leeches.

Chelavara Trips


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