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Brahmagiri is a hill range in western ghats on the border of Kerala and Karnataka. The hill range is a trekkers paradise. There is a peak in these ranges known by the name Brahmagiri. On its south is the Thirunelli temple in Wayanad district of Kerala and on its north lies the Iruppu falls in Kodagu district in Karnataka. The Brahmagiri peak is trekkable from both Kerala side and Karnataka side. The trek from Kerala side begins at Thirunelli while from Karnataka side begins from Iruppu falls. Forest Department permission is required for trekking. If you are trekking from Kerala side you have to get permission from Thirunelli Forest Range Officer. While from Karnataka side you need to take permission from Srimangala Forest Range Officer (ph:08274-426331). The Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary lying in Kerala side is also a famous tourist attraction. This is a cave in which too many number of birds arrive during the mating season.

Places nearby Brahmagiri

Besttime for Brahmagiri

For a memorable trekking experience visit the hill range during winters after the rains. September to February can be the best time.

Food and Accomodation

Gonikoppal is the nearest place with decent hotels in Karnataka side. While trekking from Karnataka side, Narimale Estate Guest house is the place of stay. If you are approaching from Kerala side, at Thirunelli itself you can get hotels for food and stay. The forest guest house at Thirunelli also offers stay. Mananthavady is the nearest place with decent hotels in Kerala side.

Reaching Brahmagiri

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is 275km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Mysore - Hunsur - Srimangala - Iruppu - Bhrahmagiri.

Route 2: Bangalore - Mysore - Nanjangudu - Gundelpet - Sulthan Bathery - Mananthavady - Kattikulam - Thirunelli - Bhrahmagiri.

Karnataka SRTC runs only one Rajahamsa through Srimangala which goes to Kutta from Bangalore. There are ample number of services to Gonikoppal. From Gonikoppal private buses are available in plenty to Srimangala. From Srimangala Iruppu falls is just 10km away and the trek starts from here. Route 2 is 50km more than Route 1. To climb from Kerala side you will have to travel in Kerala SRTC after reaching Kutta to reach Kattikulam. From Kattikulam you can get private bus or Kerala SRTC bus to Thirunelli from where the trek starts.

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