About Bijapur / Vijapura

Bijapur is the district headquater of Bijapur district of Karnataka. Bijapur city was established by Chalukyas and was then named as Vijayapura. Later when the city came under the rule of Bahmini Sultanate it was named as Bijapur. The city came to its glory during the reign of Adil Shahi dynasty. Almost all the mighty tourist attractions of Bijapur was built during the rule of Adil Shahi dynasty. The attractions at Bijapur are Gol Gumbaz, The Ibrahim Rauza, Malik-e-Maidan, Upri Buruj and Asar Mahal. The Gol Gumbaz is the mightiest attraction at Bijapur. Gol Gumbaz has the second largest dome in the world next only to St Peter's Baslica in Rome. Gol Gumbaz an exellantly symetric building. At the central chamber of Gol Gumbaz a sound created gets echoed many times. Ibrahim Rauza is the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II. Ibrahim Rauza is an excellantly symetric bulding and it is believed that it served as an inspiration for Taj Mahal. Malik-e-Maidan is a large cannon weighing about 55tons. The cannon remains meticulously cool during strong sunlight. Upri Buruj is an 80 feet tall tower offering a splendid view of Bijapur city. Ashar Mahal is a monument where women are not allowed to walk inside. Ashar Mahal was used as the Hall of Justice and has paintings of landscapes in side the hall. Every year there is a festival conducted cin this place. Apart from these monuments there are a lot of other historic buildings at Bijapur. Barakaman, Anand Mahal, Jod Gumbaz, Jumma Mosque, Sat Manzil, Jal Manzil and Juma Masjid are notable among them.

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Besttime for Bijapur

Best time to visit Bijapur is during October to January.

Food and Accomodation

Being a historic city Bijapur has lot of budget hotels. Some among them are Hotel Mayura Adhil Shahi. ph:08352-250934. Hotel Sanman. ph:08352-251866. Hotel Madhuvan International. ph:08352-255571 Hotel Shree Godavari Lakshmi Hotel. ph:08352-271307 Hotel Samrat. ph:08352-251620.

Reaching Bijapur

Bijapur is 590km from Bangalore.

Route 1: Bangalore - Nelamangala - Tumkur - Sira - Hiriyur - Chitradurga - Kudligi - Hospet - Kushtagi - Hungund - Nidagundi - Bijapur.

KSRTCand Indian Railways runs direct services Bangalore to Bijapur. To roam in the Bijapur city private cabs are available.

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